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Hello guys. my name is Stav and i'm also known as Peter Lake.

Guidelines for using my profile[edit | edit source]

The profile page and all pages linked to it are mine, and cannot be edited by anyone else. in order to post a thought, comment or suggestion, use the talk page of the most suitable sub-page. i.e. if i want to comment on my Nefetz, i'll use the Nefetz talk page.

When using the talk page, please use the add topic button to create a new comments thread.

in order to comment a comment, use the edit button. please use ':' character to mark which comment you ar commenting for. (use mor ':' to further the line into the middle of the page).

please always sign your comments (type ~~~~ at the end of the comment), so we can know who wrote which comment.

please follow these guidelines and we will have fun time doing this on the wiki.

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