Japanese セス
Romaji Sesu
Age 19
Tribe Hume
Job Class Red Mage(?)
Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Character

Seth is one of the main antagonists of Final Fantasy Tactics A3. A close personal friend of Otto's, Seth is initially regarded as a trusted member of Clan Gizmo before he does some truly unspeakable things.

Personality Edit

It is not immediately obvious what it was that turned Seth into the cold, ruthless, power-hungry maniac he became in later life. As a child, he got on extremely well with Otto, and was as lovable as any child that age. The man today is a calculating villain, manipulating people to achieve his ends and disposing of them once he is finished with them. Despite this callous interior, he is also a remarkable actor and is very good at keeping up appearances, allowing him to win back his old friend's confidence for a time.

Story Edit

Seth had been a childhood friend of Otto and Jak until their village was attacked long ago. He ran away and lived as an Akademy orphan for some time, becoming proficient in Red Magick.

After a time, the newly-formed Clan Gizmo came across him on the ruins of the former village, and Otto recognized him. While readily accepted into the clan, tensions began to mount between him and the other clan members, particularly on the amount of interest he lavishes on Mira. This came to a head when he attempted to abduct her, whereupon he was summarily expelled from the clan.

Shortly after the death of Liam Malheur-Randell, Seth returns to abduct Mira again, this time successfully. He is pursued separately by Runai Berlandis and Gizmo, the former of which destroys the Akademy along with himself and the latter of which get there too late to stop him from escaping. In the meantime, Seth conducts some experiments on Mira, accelerating her transformation into a Cryst. Gizmo finally catches up with them, and Otto confronts his old friend. Defeating him, at first Seth is granted mercy, but after taking advantage of it Otto finally ensures that his former friend can no longer hurt anyone.

Music Edit

Seth's Theme is in fact treated as the main leitmotif that links plot events in Final Fantasy Tactics A3, as it seems to forebodingly herald some non-specific evil. It is not clear whether it belongs more to the Occuria or to Seth himself; it plays whenever their influence abounds, and Seth epitomizes their influence.

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