Nu Mou Scholar.jpg
Available for Races: Nu Mou
Ability Name: Lore
Weapons: Books
Head Gear: Hats
Clothing: Light Armor
Can Equip Shields? No
"Scholars pore over the yellowed pages of ancient tomes in search of the lore that is their power. Whole armies have fallen before their might."

The Scholar is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A3, exclusive to Nu Mou. They use books as weapons and their skills use the knowledge contained in these books for various effects. They are more of a situational job due to the fact that their damage-dealing skills (which have the same power as Illusions) don't discriminate between friend or foe. However, if the party is set up with element-absorbing equipment, the Scholar can provide healing along with damage to foes.

Job Requirements[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Books Hats Light Armor No

Stats and Growth Values[edit | edit source]

Race Move Jump HP MP Speed Attack Defense Magick Resistance
Nu Mou 4 3 85/7 24/3 56/58% 88/10 77/7 78/7 71/7

Abilities[edit | edit source]

SCHOLARS find their power in the study of ancient texts

Lore[edit | edit source]

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect Range MP Cost AP To Master
Study Battle Folio Shows treasure, items, and gil of a unit 4 - 150
Natural Selection Enavia Chronicles Deals neutral damage to all units of a race of choice All units 18 300
Earth Dragon Tome Mage Manual Deals earth damage to all units All units 28 300
Rime Bolt Tome Urutan Annals Deals ice damage to all units All units 28 300
Thunder Flare Tome The Arnath Glyphs Deals thunder damage to all units All units 28 300
Shadow Shade Tome Veil of Wiyu Deals dark damage to all units All units 28 300
Force Tome of Ending Raises 'Resilience' (resistance vs. bad status) in an area. 4 6 200
Mad Scientist Edaroya Scriptures Grants a random buff to one target 4 18 350

Support[edit | edit source]

Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Spellbound Tiara Buffs and debuffs last longer on the unit 150

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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