Samantha Malheur-Randell
Samantha malheur by crissyg-d3ipcph-cleaned
Japanese サマンサ・マルール・ランデル
Romaji Samansa Marūru-Randeru
Age 13
Tribe Moogle
Job Class White Mage
Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Character

Samantha Malheur-Randell, often known simply as Sammy or Sam (also rarely as Samantha, although this can cause confusion with her mother) is a moogle White Mage and brother of Liam Malheur-Randell. A timid soul, Sammy is led easily and spends most of her life sheltered by her brother. She studied magick at the Akademy and showed quite some promise, becoming one of the few moogles to develop proficiency in White Magick. She is best-known as a candidate for the replacement of the Sun-Cryst, succeeding Luso Clemens and preceeding her cousin, Mira Randell.

She is married to Hurdy, and lives in Rabanastre with Gurdy.

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