Runai Berlandis
Runai Berlandis.jpg
Japanese ルナイ・ベランデス
Romaji Runai Berandesu
Age 17
Tribe Hume
Job Class Vanguard
Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Character

Runai Berlandis is a youth with a troubled past, a cutthroat mercenary for the highest bidder, and philosopher of a different kind. Among these many different titles, each hold a signficicant part of Runai's history in a long and arduous journey that is his life. Starting from the early childhood transdimensional journey to Ivalice, the resulting death of his parents during said process, to becoming an orphan, and finding a new lease in life through the only family he throught he would ever need. It was not until she was taken away from him, that he realized the true horrors in the ways of sentient beings, and did only what he could in order to survive, and live to exact his revenge for all the wrongs in this world, by becoming just as savage as the world itself

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