Otto Fortier
Otto Fortier
Sprite(s) Otto Sprite
Japanese オット フォルティエ
Romaji Otto Forutie
Age 16
Tribe Hume
Job Class Archer
Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Character

"A young hume with a troubled past.  His main goal in life is to avenge his fallen village."

Otto Fortier is the main male protagonist of Final Fantasy TA3. A young man, Otto travels Ivalice beside his best friend Jak, an eccentric moogle.  As leader of Clan Gizmo, he believes that it is his responsibility to see Mira safely home.


Otto is a born leader and an excellent tactician.  He strives to take care of his troops as best he is able while helping them achieve glory on the field of battle.  Otto is honorable as well as noble, but he is troubled by his past, as he often blames himself for the fall of his home years ago.


Otto is the main character as well as the Player's Character in the game.  He is a native of Ivalice who wants to start up a Clan of his own with his best friend Jak.  On their way to the Pub in Targ Wood, Otto and Jak see a girl in danger, and rush to save her.  After successfully saving the girl, Mira, Otto and Jak invite her to join Clan Gizmo, and then continue to the Pub where they hire some additional units.

Musical ThemeEdit

His musical theme is Otto's Theme.

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