Available for Races: Moogle
Ability Name: Mysticism
Head Gear:
Can Equip Shields?
"Powerful wizards who utilize the untapped power of the cosmos."

Mystic is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A3. It is a powerful mage job available to Moogles which provides strong magick attacks and small support and debuffs. It has a low defense growth, and high MP costs, which could spell trouble when running low and enemies are near.


Stats Edit

Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?

Abilities Edit

Mysticism Edit

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect Range AP To Master
Shock Magick damage to a single target. (10 mp) 4
Decoy Causes enemies to target one ally. Enemies will only attack the targeted ally with their attacks, and still use the most effective method of attack available. (10 mp) 3
Float Causes target to float. Floating characters are immune to Earth damage and will not activate traps, but take 1.5x damage from wind-based attacks. Nu Mou and Moogles can walk on water as well. (12 mp) 4
Balance Deal damage to one target equal to difference between Caster's Max Hp and Caster's Current Hp. (14 mp) 4
Meteor Heavy damage in a small area. (16 mp) 3
Dispelga Dispels buffs, and select debuffs, in a small area. (24 mp) 4
Warp Cast target into the Void. Targets cast into the Void are considered KO'd and cannot be revived. (32 mp) 4
Scourge Strong area damage and may inflict poison. (32 mp) 3

Support Edit

Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Mist Charge Regain double mp each turn.


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