Final Fantasy Tactics A3's Job List will be composed out of all of the jobs that are present in FFTA2, as well as some new jobs for each race, and an entire new job roster for the Revgaji.

Approved JobsEdit

Hume Viera Moogle Bangaa Nu Mou Gria Seeq Revgaji Aegyl
Soldier Fencer Thief White Monk White Mage Hunter Berserker
White Mage White Mage Black Mage Warrior Black Mage Raptor Ranger
Black Mage Green Mage Animist Dragoon Beastmaster Ravager Lanista
Thief Archer Moogle Knight Defender Time Mage Geomancer Viking
Archer Elementalist Fusilier Gladiator Illusionist
Paladin Red Mage Juggler Master Monk Alchemist
Fighter Spellblade Tinker Bishop Arcanist
Blue Mage Summoner Time Mage Templar Sage
Seer Assassin Chocobo Knight Cannoneer Scholar
Illusionist Sniper Flintlock Trickster

Jobs Pending ApprovalEdit

Corsair - Hume Job

Vanguard - Hume Job

Mystic - Moogle Job

Bard - Moogle Job

Dancer - Viera Job

Ronin - Viera Job

Biskmatar - Revgaji Job

Shugenja - Nu Mou Job by CeallaSo

Crusader - Bangaa/Revgaji Job by Rune174

Swordmaster - Viera Job by h0ndman2

Sentinel - Bangaa Job by h0ndman2

Mime - Hume Job by CeallaSo

Vanguard - Hume Job by Rune174

Enishi - Viera/Bangaa Job by Rune174

Nefetz - Revgaji Job by PeterLake

Pere - Revgaji Job by PeterLake

Tzayad - Revgaji Job by PeterLake

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