This is a list of all the useable items in FFTA3

Restorative ItemsEdit

Name Price Effect Description
Potion 30 Gil Heals 30 HP. A magick concoction that eases pain and heals wounds in the blink of an eye.
Hi-Potion 100 Gil Heals 100 HP. A potion mixed for greater strength.
X-Potion 300 Gil Heals 200 HP. The highest concentration potion available.
Ether 800 Gil Restores 40 MP. This tincture restores lost magickal power.
Elixir 1500 Gil Restores all of HP and MP of one character. This miraculous tincture completely restores both health and magickal power to the drinker.
Phoenix Down 200 Gil Revives KOed Character. A magick feather with the power to revive those at death's door.
Antidote 50 Gil Cures Poison. A tonic that works through the skin, drawing out and neutralizing toxins within the body.
Eye Drops 50 Gil Removes Blind. A medicine to lift the veil of darkness covering eyes afflicted with blindness.
Echo Herbs 50 Gil Removes Silence. A soothing tonic for the voiceless.
Maiden's Kiss 100 Gil Removes Toad. A fruity concoction that works better than its namesake, or at least, doesn't require convincing the maiden.
Gold Needle 100 Gil Removes Petrify. This magick needle breaks the enchantments that turn flesh to stone.
Holy Water 80 Gil Raises Resilience. This sanctified water is most efficacious in increasing resistance to debuffs, with no ill side effects.
Bandage 100 Gil Removes Disable and Immobilize. These strips of treated linen restore feeling to paralyzed limbs.
Handkerchief 100 Gil Removes Oil. This absorptive cloth is ideal for cleaning up spilt oil.
Remedy 800 Gil Cures all debuffs. A tincture that cures what ails you.

Combat ItemsEdit

Name Price Effect Description
Knot of Rust - Does damage to one enemy. A fused ball of metalworking detritus. Useful as a thrown weapon, or a doorstop.
Eureka Crystal - Restores all character's HP and raises Attack and Defense. A crystalline fragment discovered in the forbidden reaches of Eureka. Its power heals wounds and improves combat performance.
Grimoire Stone - Restores all character's MP and raises Magick and Resilience. This spellstone once graced the cover of a grimoire scribed by a witch in ancient times. Known to both restore and augment magickal power.
Dark Matter - Does damage to all enemies. A mysterious black substance with no more form than mist. What's it for? Why, throwing at enemies, of course.
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