This is a list of all the Buffs, Debuffs and Statuses in FFTA3

Positive StatusEdit

Name Effect Cure
Protect Reduces Physical Damage Dispel
Astra Target's next Status Ailment will be nullified. Dispel
Haste The Target's CT recovery rate increases. Dispel, Slow
Focus Increases the power of the next physical attack. None
Invisible Unit Cannot be attacked until it attacks. Dispel
Reflect All spells casted on the unit are reflected back to the caster. None
Regen The unit will regenerate HP at the start of each turn. Dispel
Rearise When unit is KOed, it will be revived automatically. Dispel
Shell Reduces magical damage. Dispel

Status AilmentsEdit

Name Effect Cure
Berserk Unit will increase attack and speed, but can only use normal attacks, and cannot be controlled by the player. Loss of HP
Spellbound Increases time of Effect of all Status. None.
Addle For 3 turns, the unit cannot use aby ability they have mastered, including reaction and support abilities. None.
Blind The unit will suffer from reduced accuracy by 50%. Echo Herbs, Remedy, Esuna
Charm Unit will fight for the enemy side. Loss of HP
Confuse Unit may attack their allies. Loss of HP
Disable Unit cannot use Action Abilities. Bandage, Esina, Remedy
Doom Unit will die instabtly in the third turn from now. None.
Immobilize Unit cannot move. Bandage, Remedy, Esuna
Oil Unit will suffer from increased damage when hurt by Fire damage. Handkerchief, Remedy
Petrify Unit will turn to stone. it cannot move or use abilities, and it's turn will never come until cured or dead. Esuna, Gold Needle
Poison Unit will lose HP at the start of each turn. Antidote, Esuna, Remedy
Sleep Unit is fast asleep and will automatically wait on it's turn. Loss of HP, Esuna, Remedy
Slow Unit speed is halved. Haste
Stop Unit CT Rate is reduced to 0. stopped unit cannot evade or use reaction ability. None.
Frog Unit will turn into a toad. it cannot use Action or Reaction abilities, except normal attacks. Maiden's Kiss, Remedy, Esuna
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