Sprite(s) Lif Sprite
Japanese リフ
Romaji Rifu
Age Unknown
Tribe Viera
Job Class Vagabond
Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Character

"A male viera who left the forest to find a girl from another world."

Lif is a wandering viera and the younger brother of Shara.  After his sister had a dream about a pink-haired girl from another world Lif set out to find her. He eventually ran into Clan Gizmo and later joined them in order to keep Mira safe.


A cool, calm, and collected character, Lif is somewhat of a lone wolf.He has a close relationship with his sister, but few others. Lif is ultimately honorable, and his main goal is to keep Mira safe.


A wandering viera, Lif left his home in order to find a girl from another world. While in Jylland he took on various quests as a hired blade to fund his travels. Unfortunately he mixed with some bad company and ended up being accused of assassinating several Loar nobles. This caused Clan Gizmo to be sent out to hunt him down. Eventually they found him and Otto and Lif fought each other one on one. Figuring Mira was the girl he was supposed to protect, Lif let Otto win rather than send him home to nurse his wounds like every other hunter who had come before. Rather than turn Lif in, Otto decided to recruit the viera, as he didn't believe the honorable warrior was an assassin.

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