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Green Mage
Viera Green Mage.jpg
Available for Races: Viera
Ability Name: Green Magick
Weapons: Hammers, Maces
Head Gear: Hats
Clothing: Robes, Light Armor
Can Equip Shields? No
"The green mage lends support on the battlefield, shielding allies and crippling foes."

Green Mage is a Job in Final Fantasy Tactics A3, exclusive to the Viera race. This Job protects all allies by using Green Magick. The spell set consists of bestowing positive status buffs on allies and negative status ailments on foes. Green Mages wield Hammers and Maces, and are one of the most physically powerful mage classes in the game, second only to the Blue Mage. Contrary to her name, the Green Mage's Magic stat is sub par compared to her fellow mages, but because buffs and debuffs are not affected by the Magic stat, this does not seem to pose a major problem, and her Speed growth is relatively high, which makes this "Mage" rather odd.

Job Requirements[]


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Hammers, Maces Hats Robes, Light Armor No

Stats and Growth Values[]

Race Move Jump HP MP Speed Attack Defense Magick Resistance
Viera 3 3 85/6 30/3 62/86% 73/7 76/7 84/8 79/7


The magicks of the GREEN MAGE lend strength and succor to her allies.

Green Magick[]

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect Range MP Cost AP To Master
Protect Iron Hammer Grants Protect in an area. 4 8 150
Shell War Hammer Grants Shell in an area. 4 8 150
Tranq Sage Crosier Improves unit's Accuracy. 4 8 200
Leap Mandragora Allows unit to have increased movement. 4 18 400
Blind Druid Mace Inflicts Blind on one target. 4 8 150
Oil Sledgehammer Inflicts Oil on one target. 4 8 250
Silence Energy Mace Inflicts Silence in an area. 3 8 200
Sleep Battle Mace Inflicts Sleep in an area. 4 12 200


Skill Armor Learned From Effect AP To Master
Evade Magick Magick Robe Allows user to avoid damage spells. 250
Absorb MP Lordly Robe Gains MP equal to the MP cost of attacks used on the unit. 250


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Spellbound Tiara Buffs and debuffs last longer on the user. 150