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Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Wiki is the database of Final Fantasy Tactics A3: The Final Chapters, a fan project to create a newer, better installment in the Final Fantasy Tactics series. We're looking to put out time and effort into making it the best game concept possible, and we're happy to get any help we can find! The wiki format works perfectly for this, because it allows anyone to edit and lets us gather all of our information up in articles.
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Mira Randell

Mira Randell is the main female protagonist of Final Fantasy TA3. She is a young girl who stumbled upon the world of Ivalice unwittingly and unwillingly. Unbeknownst to her and Clan Gizmo, Mira possesses a great and terrible power. At first Mira is frightened and timid, as she knows nothing about Ivalice or fantasy in general. Eventually she becomes more confident and headstrong, making her a worthy addition to Clan Gizmo's ranks.

Mira's goals change during the story from just wanting to go home to later wanting to help Otto and Jak clear their names. (more...)
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