If you're here and don't know what Final Fantasy Tactics A3 is, you must be new! If so, then welcome!

The ProjectEdit

Final Fantasy Tactics A3 is a project to create a new Final Fantasy Tactics experience. Since we aren't restrained by real time limits or creative budgets, we have the freedom to put as much thought and effort into the project as we want, in a relaxed environment. We still have limitations, sure, but none of the tension seen in a professional gaming company. We want everyone involved to have fun, and that means we try to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

A HistoryEdit

The BeginningEdit

Final Fantasy Tactics A3 was first put forward by Tempestman. In his own words, he had "grown bored with the same old story of A2," and so decided to collect all of his ideas for the game in one place! When he posted the idea to the A2 forum over at GameFAQs, a bunch of us decided to jump on board with him.


With a number of us all together working on the project, there needed to be some way to collect everything. After all, we couldn't keep posting on GameFAQs! So Tempest took it upon himself to create a website for us, the original Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Webs site. That's no typo; the original host was a domain called Webs! Although it was a little unreliable, it provided us all with a place to pool our ideas. And for a while, it was good. However, over time, we felt the need to find a more reliable host, which lead us to Wikia.

The PresentEdit

The FFTA3 Wiki is being built even now, so we're relying on any help we can get to fix it up. We hope that, with a more reliable domain, we'll be able to accomplish even more, and feel that our contributions will be safe. Feel free to offer any assistance you can; we're always looking for new ways to make the project even better!

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