Babus Swain
Babus Swain
Japanese バブズ・スエイン
Romaji Babuzu Suein
Age N/A
Tribe Nu Mou
Job Class
Final Fantasy Tactics A3 Character

Babus Swain is the Nu Mou assistant of Mewt Randell from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. An experienced mage, he will do anything to protect Mewt.

When Mira start to stir off the course of the Occuria's plan, they reincarnate Babus in order to get her back to their side. But as he find out about their plan, he stops advising Mira, so she will be able to defy them.


  • Since Babus' voice is feminine (who is voiced by a female) in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, it is possible that Babus is about as old as Mewt.
  • Babus also has a nose unique to all other Nu Mou, it is also quite possible that Babus is based of Mewt's teddy bear, explaining his love and loyalty to Mewt.
  • Babus as a Nu Mou should be devoted to Magic, however his stat growth allows him to take on physical actions if needed, this is due to his attack power being as high or greater that his magic power if equipped with the proper weapon such as the Vesper mace or the Cactus Stick.


"Babus" is a Hindi title for a man which is an equivalent to "Mr.", while "Swain" is Archaic for a male admirer, which explain Babus' relationship to Prince Mewt.

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